Friday, January 10, 2014

First Sales Of 2014

Happy 2014! The first Saturday of the new year had arrived and we were more than ready to hit the road to go saling. It had been three weeks since we last went, not because we were unwilling, but because there were none of interest at all! Although there were only two that seemed to hold any promise, we were excited to get back to our Saturday routine! 

Our first sale was about 30 minutes from our house under normal conditions but the trip took a little bit longer because of the prior day's blizzard. The side streets were still not in great shape although the main roads were fine. Our area received anywhere between 8 and 12 inches of snow. The limited choices we had were probably partially due to the anticipation of the storm.

An old basement floor...always a good sign! We were drawn to this house because one of the pictures from this sale had a few vintage Christmas items. Unfortunately, they were gone by the time we arrived. We did get a record and a few other items.

After getting some breakfast, we went to the other sale on our list, another 30 minute drive. This sale advertised that it was an older house and we thought that might be enough reason to look.

We arrived at a house with multiple "estate sale" signs on the front lawn. We figured we were at the right place.

There was a bar in the basement that Monica was happy to search!

The attic was a cluttered mess which means lots of chances to uncover hidden treasures. Monica was buried! We did not actually find anything of interest in the attic but it was fun to search and we did find some fun things to bring home on the other floors. 

Here are some of the things we found today:
Some Christmas records

Hawaiian records

Some other records

Cookbooks, a postcard featuring a stone head from Easter Island and a New York World's Fair visitor's map

Thanksgiving die-cut decorations

Vintage Christmas light boxes

A few other assorted items. The vintage shot glasses are from Niagara Falls. We have decided that when we get married, this is where we will honeymoon. Monica's parents spent their honeymoon there too and it sounds pretty romantic.

Despite our limited opportunities, we were very happy to be back on the road and it did not bother us at all that there were only two sales of value. We were hosting a soiree for the family that night and had some last minute preparations to finalize

A family photo through the eyes of our niece's new camera. Monica's nephew was visiting from Florida (back row, middle) and he had not seen snow in twelve years! We were glad to have him with us and glad to share our home with our family. The ducks were smiling! 


  1. You are kidding me. There were sales in all that snow??? Around here if there are a few drops of rain most people close up their sales. If there is snow, don't even think about it.

    1. Well, there were a few other sales that were cancelled in advance of the storm. I imagine that they considered the fact that, on a day like Saturday, there would be little competition and that their chance at a successful sale would still be good. Of course, only an indoor sale would have been possible (Rob)

  2. We spent a short weekend in Niagara Falls and if I can make a suggestion - as much as it breaks my heart to not be able to champion the USA - stay on the Canadian side of the falls. So much nicer, cleaner, happier! The US side is a shell of what it used to be, and while that bums me out usually, the fact that this is a direct portal from one country into ours - almost like the front door of your home - it's extra embarrassing to have it look so depressed and falling apart. I want to tell (insert government agency who could get it done) for them to spruce it up so we at least make a nice first impression on our international neighbors!

    That said there is a kitschy Niagara Falls gift shop that has a wax museum in it. I bought some NOS old souvenirs and as I type this am kicking myself that we didn't check out the museum!

    Down the road apiece there's plenty of awesome vintage stuff in Buffalo NY. Shuffle Off To Buffalo as the song says!

    1. Thanks, Mod Betty! That's great advice. We have considered various attractions in the area but have not put together a concrete plan yet. Visiting the Canadian side will now definitely be part of our plans based upon your recommendation! And Buffalo now sounds like a consideration as well! (Rob)

  3. I love the old Woolworth light box, and the Thanksgiving decorations. I usually have a hard time finding Thanksgiving stuff, but this year I have found several items. Gotta love those old Hawaiian records too!

    1. Thanks, PixieVintage! We also found a lot more Thanksgiving decorations this past year...a lot more than ever before! The burl Ives Hawaiian record was something we have been hoping to find for years. It was a lucky day! (Rob)

  4. Lucky you--vintage Thanksgiving decorations! Score!

    1. Thanks, Maria! For such a long time, we did not find much in the way of vintage Thanksgiving but, this past year, we found a lot!!!