Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Remainder Of The Four Day Weekend

After a fun day of saling, it was late afternoon and we had most of the four day weekend ahead of us. Aside from 5 pm dentist appointments for the both of us on Monday (boo!), the weekend was ours. Our routine, after a long day of Saturday saling, is to go home, take a nap together and then prepare our dinner. We were both so hungry on the way home and when we passed one of our favorite places to eat, well...we did not pass it at all. 

All-American Drive-In. It has been around since 1963 and has not changed very much at all. It is always crowded year round! We both got burgers and fries. Monica got a root beer. Rob got a chocolate shake.

Sunday was spent doing some housework after a big breakfast at home (a Sunday morning tradition for us). We went out for an early birthday dinner for Rob at one of our favorite Chinese Restaurants, Imperial Orchid. We have posted pictures before. The inside of the restaurant is a throwback to the 1960's, the food is great and...

...they serve tropical drinks in Tiki mugs and pineapple mugs! 

Monday was Rob's birthday and Monica prepared the house.

A birthday banner on the wall of the kitchen...
...and a festive honeycomb decorative ball. Monica's mom always hung one just like this in her house whenever there was a birthday. We found this one within the last year and knew we had to have it! 

Monica filled one of our old decorative ashtrays with clown caketoppers. Rob loves clowns! 

A pin the nose on the clown game on one wall...

...a clown and a donkey on another wall! 

Monica made this card for Rob. He is a clown! 

Rob took Monica to lunch that day to The Sweet Shop. It is in Rob's hometown and has been around forever. Rob's grandmother used to take him here when he was a kid.

A great clock and sign on the wall

The booths. The place was updated a bit in the 1980's but it was not spoiled.

Great counters and counter stools! We both had lunch and ice cream sodas. The food was fantastic and we had a great time!

A cheesecake for Rob's birthday. Monica learned that writing on cheesecake is not easy but it does say "Happy B-day Rob" ! 

Pretty roses for pretty Monica on Tuesday! It was our anniversary. 

When we were kids, there were a lot of small amusement parks on Long Island. Nunley's was one of our favorites and we both have fond memories of childhood times spent there. It is long gone but they saved the carousel and it is now housed in a museum on Long Island. Rob wanted to surprise Monica with a trip there on Tuesday.

The banner in front of the museum. It opened in 1912.

The sign on the sidewalk

Here it is! 

The weather vane on the building is a horse! 

The carousel! 

A majestic horse! 

A wild horse! 

A lion!

There is an Indian on here...Rob's people! 

Rob hoping he is tall enough to ride on the carousel

We rode the carousel just like we did as kids! 

We had a great time! 

On Tuesday night, Rob took Monica out for an anniversary dinner. Our favorite sushi restaurant closed over the summer. It was in town and we loved to go there. The landlord did not renew their lease and we are hopeful that they will reopen elsewhere in town. We decided to try a sushi restaurant located a few minutes from our house. It was intimate enough so that we did not feel crowded and the food was good...

...and we had a great time together that night and all weekend. It went fast and it was tough going back to work but the weekend was great and time spent together is always great...there is always reason for our hearts to smile...together and amongst the ducks.


  1. When have you ever NOT had a good time together?

  2. Wow what a big, fun weekend! Happy Birthday Rob! And Happy Anniversary!


    1. Thanks,Mary! It was a fun weekend! (Rob)

  3. I love how you kids celebrate - just like us! Tiki / thrifting / carousels / ice cream! Happy birthday / Anniversary!

    1. Thanks, Betty! We KNOW you do things the same way! And thanks!!! (Rob)