Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving...a time for family and a time to count our blessings...and a time to celebrate the turkey! So many people skip Thanksgiving decorating and start their Christmas decorating early. Not us!!!

This honeycomb turkey is about 2 feet tall and hangs in our living us the stink eye with every turn! 

We found spots between our normal wall hangings for cardboard turkeys

An Indian, a clown and a turkey. Okay, the clown is there all year round.

A large die-cut turkey, We have several of these hanging around the house including one on the inside of the front door to greet all visitors.

More turkeys where we could find space.

Ceramic turkeys line the entertainment / bar unit. A popcorn turkey can be seen behind the blinds.
Some honeycomb turkeys sit atop the fake fireplace. They will be taken down tomorrow as we start decorating for Christmas.

For Thanksgiving, we decided to make a pie...from scratch. Neither of us had ever attempted to bake a pie in our lives but, together, we knew we could do it!

We gathered all necessary ingredients and had this handy dandy apple parer, corer and slicer at our disposal! 

The apples, freshly pared, cored and sliced!

The dough for the crust was made and refrigerated.

The dough being flattened to create the pie crust

A mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and flour were added to the apples and they were ready to be added to the pie.

The pie, ready to be placed in the oven

Thirty minutes later...the pie was done and ready to be brought to Monica's sister's house where we would spend Thanksgiving.

Our nephew and niece...wearing traditional pilgrim headwear. 

Monica's dad and brother also wore pilgrim hats!

Monica's sister prepared a fantastic feast! 

Monica's brother-in-law clowning around while performing a critical duty...carving the turkey!

Ahhhhh...the cranberry sauce. Delivered to the table as it grows naturally in the wild...can-shaped! 

We all enjoyed the feast. Monica's mom did not make the picture. She went inside to see how the kids were doing. The food was great and we got rave reviews on our apple pie! 

It was a great day filled with smiles, laughter, great food and great company. We are thankful for so many things...most of all, each other. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


  1. That apple pie looked like a real treat! Of course it had hearts. Oh you guys.....

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie! It was as fun to make as it was to eat! :) (Rob)