Saturday, August 13, 2016

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy And A Two Sale Saturday

August was now here and, before we even got to the weekend, we had a free concert to attend. Every summer, there are a number of free concerts in parks in our area and we normally find at least four that we want to attend. This year, the pickings were slim with cover bands being the primary offerings and they don't interest us. The one band that we marked on our calendar was Big Bad Voodoo Daddy which was one of the bigger bands during the late 1990's swing revival. Free? Yes, we would be there.

 It was a Wednesday evening show at a park just fifteen minutes from our house. The evening was beautiful and they were really good. The most impressive thing about the band is that they have been together for 23 years and the seven members of this band have been there from the beginning. 

Monica's dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece all came with us and we were amongst a crowd of over one thousand people to cheer on the band. It was a fun night! 

When Saturday came along, our list was limited to three sales that seemed to have any chance of being our type of sale. We were a little curious about the first one but not in a fun way. We'll explain as we detail that sale. With out itinerary set, off we went! 

Our first sale was described as "contents of prominent antique dealer's estate". This would be the second day of this sale. Monica will, often, google the address of the sale just to get a look at the house. She likes to see if it is an old house. When she googled it, it had an association to "Amity Galleries". That is a name we know well as they are an estate sale company whose sales we have gone to many times over the years and it is run by a nice man named Dennis. We hoped that he might just be retiring but when we got there, we got the news. Dennis got sick earlier in the year and passed away in April. We knew we hadn't seen any sale by them in months but hoped for different news when we arrived, Very saddened, we searched the house and found four records to take home. Rest in peace, Dennis, and thanks for being so nice to us over the years! 

Sale #2 was a twenty minute drive and was described, simply, as "contents of house" but, amongst the items listed was "Christmas", "records" and "8-track tapes". It sounded like there might be some old stuff here so, on a week without many choices, it made our list.

It definitely was an old house but much of it was emptied out like this basement. We imagined that this basement bar was once the center of some great parties. A search of the house brought us several old Santas, a record, a book and one pink flamingo.

We had only one more stop to go and, 30 minutes later, we had arrived, It was "65 years of collectibles" and, because it was pretty crowded with family members, we did not take any pictures. It was the second day of the sale and, it there was ever a lot here, it had disappeared long before we got there. Still, it was not a wasted trip. We brought home a couple of records and a poodle apron for Monica.

The saling day ended early so we had plenty of time to spend a few hours with Monica's dad before heading home to look, again, at what we found. Here is what we saw:

Some records

A book from 1963

A poodle apron for Monica

A pink flamingo. It is not that old (1987) but it is a Don Featherstone! 

Christmas things! An old blow mold Santa, two Christmas records and four Santas (two marked Japan and two marked Hong Kong)

Although the saling opportunities were scarce, it was a great weekend spent together. In the long run, spending this time together is what will always count the most! 


  1. The concert and the poodle apron made the entire week worthwhile:-)

    1. Those were definitely a few of the high points, Granny Annie! (Rob)