Monday, February 29, 2016

Anxiously Awaiting Spring

We were approaching the third week of February now. Spring was not that far away but we were getting anxious now. Up until the middle of January, this had been a very mild winter. We have had a few brutally cold days and two significant snowfalls since then but, other than that, the last month has been what you would expect in our neck of the woods. When all is said and done, and when looked at as a whole, the winter will be historically viewed as a warmer than average winter. Still, we're ready for it to end. We're ready for spring. Fewer coats. More daylight. More sales. We're ready.

Our list of sales for Saturday was completed by Friday evening. There were five of them. None looked amazing. None were outdoors (it was still winter when we woke up Saturday morning). Still, five sales were much better than none. We had our fingers crossed. We were hoping for the best!

Sale #1 was in Rob's hometown and was simply listed as an estate sale with records as one of the items listed. On a day where there were no standout sales, this made our list. It wound up being a sale run by the family and the son went to school with Rob's sister. We found some old glasses and a 1960's record case to bring home. It was worth the trip.

Sale #2 was a moving/clean out sale run by a tag sale company that is pretty new to the area. This may only be the second one of their sales that we have attended. "Christmas items" and "old stuff" were part of the description in the ad and that was enough to get this one on our list.

We found this mounted pencil sharpener in the basement; the first we have seen in a few weeks. Hopefully, this was a good sign.

The basement was big and there were enough boxes down there to keep us occupied. We spent more time on this floor than on the other ones and a search of the boxes turned out to be a good use of our time. We left with one record and a few Christmas items. Although our finds here were modest, it was another good stop.

It took us over thirty minutes to get to our third sale. It was listed as Grandma's house and we were hoping Grandma managed to accumulate some great things. The sale was run by a fellow saler who we stood in line behind just a week or two before. Unfortunately, this sale was not worth our trip and we did not find anything here at all.

Sale #4 was run by a tag sale company that we like and has a tag sale approximately twice a month. Although the ad described the sale as "vintage treasures", we did not expect much. First of all, this was the fourth and final day of this sale. It was run on the previous Thursday and Friday as well as on the Friday before our visit here. Secondly, the pictures supporting the ad did not show us anything of interest although we could tell it was an old house. On a day where our choices were slim, this sale made our list. The house was small but there were still a few things to see even after three full days of salers passing through. Before we left, we managed to find one old cast Santa and a pair of ceramic skunks for ourselves.

Our fifth and final sale was in Monica's hometown and the only reason it made the list was that it was a convenient last stop before visiting Monica's dad. There wasn't much inside but we did find two newer Pez dispensers and one book.

With our saling day over, we spent a few hours with Monica's dad before heading home to relax the remainder of our Saturday and then spend Sunday running errands and getting our chores done before starting another workweek. 

Here are the things we found on Saturday:

A record by Yvonne De Carlo who was Lily Munster! 

A Golden Stamp Book from the 1950's

A pair of ceramic skunks (Marked Occupied Japan), a 1960's record holder for 7-inch records and a Lord Of The Rings Pez dispenser.

Some vintage glasses

Christmas things...a pair of old stockings (that we will have to lightly iron), a 1940's cast Santa, an old reindeer and a newer Santa Pez dispenser.

Although it was a modest saling week, it was a fun day spent together and we know what is right around the corner...spring. Warmer days...longer days...lots of sales...and always, lots of time spent together. 


  1. Wonderful that those vintage glasses have survived over the years. Also love the record carrier because I had one just like it. Are you guys planning to sell your home someday as a 50's museum?

  2. Thanks, Granny Annie! We love finding these unexpected treasures when our expectations are low. When we do buy another house, we are taking our stuff with us! (Rob)