Friday, July 10, 2015

Fourth Of July Weekend

We were looking forward to this weekend all week! With the fourth falling on the weekend, we had a three day weekend and we really wanted the time off from work. We already knew that it wouldn't be a very good saling weekend. Most of the tag sale companies took the weekend off. What it would mean, simply, was three days off. We had lots of things that we wanted to do and the extra day would help. 

 We started the weekend going to the only sale that interested us all weekend. It was a one day Friday sale and it was only fifteen minutes away. It was a private estate sale that was described as the estate of a 90 year old woman. You never know what you will find in the home of a 90 year! We were anxious to find out! 

There were not a lot of rooms to search but everything there was for sale. Well, everything except the two deer heads and the duck. That was okay...we weren't in the market for them anyway. A quick thirty minute tour of the house did result in a few things we did want. By the time we left, a couple of records, one old cookbook and a few other things left with us. 

Here are our finds from our lone estate sale:

A cookbook

Two records

A Treasure Craft pineapple ashtray from 1962, a tiki (made in Hawaii) and a baby ceramic squirrel that gets mounted to the outside of the house. We already have an adult squirrel and another baby. The family is growing! 

After stopping for breakfast, we arrived home and it was still morning. We had lots of time to tackle our most pressing issue...replacing the foam in the cushions in the orange couch we bought a few weeks ago. We had to order the foam and it took three weeks to arrive in the store. Now we had it and it was time to finish the job. We cut the foam to size the previous weekend and it was time to finish the task. By late afternoon, we had nice fluffy cushions and the couch was now in our living room. Of course, the whole process of refurnishing the living room was not just about the new furniture. We also had to move our other furniture to the basement (a 1950's rattan couch, chair, end tables and coffee table) for a future use. We also moved different end tables and a kidney shaped coffee table into the living room to complement the new furniture. All we have left to do is to rearrange our wall hangings and our task will be done. We will post pictures when we are done!

Saturday was the Fourth of July and we would spend it in Connecticut. Monica's brother's girlfriend was having a barbecue at her house. We had to leave our Uncle Sam blow mold behind. It is a Don Featherstone. Rest in peace, Don! 

After a two hour drive, we arrived in Connecticut for the beginning of a fun day

Marissa made a new friend!

Dad, Rob and Monica in Connecticut

The kids had sparklers

The bigger fireworks were saved for complete darkness

We had a great Fourth of July and we still had one more day left of the weekend. We spent it doing errands, barbecuing and finding some time to relax in between. The weekend began with just one sale but continued with a fun weekend spent together. Nothing could have made us smile more. 


  1. It is great to read your saling posts again. Now that my hip is almost completely healed I see many yard and garage sales in my future. Hooray!!

  2. We are so happy that you are on the mend, Granny Annie! I know wonderful finds await you! (Rob)