Friday, May 22, 2015

So Many Choices...So Little Time

This was one of those Saturdays that had a list of potential stops that far exceeded the amount of time that we would have. We had a barbecue to attend on Saturday afternoon so our saling was restricted to a much smaller window than normal. There were eleven sales that had potential and that number, even if clustered together, was just not possible. None of the sales were amazing so there was no one sale that we would use to build a route. Instead, we had to choose a route that would give us the greatest number of possible stops. We, very optimistically, narrowed the list down to eight sales based on their proximity to each other and hoped for the best. We had reason to be hopeful. 

 WE found this in our garden during the week.'s not a four leaf clover. It's a FIVE leaf clover! Extra good luck, we hoped! 

We started our saling nice and early and arrived at sale #1 just after it opened. It was run by a tag sale company whose sales we have visited before but not in almost a year. The description of the ad described as an older house with lots to pick. We hoped so! 

There were three floors and a garage to search but there really much in any of these places. The upstairs did have this cool sparkly tile. In the end, it was a fairly quick stop but we did leave with one old squeak toy, a 1970's Santa shopping bag and a few pamphlets. Onward we would go!

Sale # 2 had a big sign! We hoped it would big things for us. It was an older home and was described as a "digger". We hoped so! 

There was a pencil sharpener mounted in the garage and this is almost as good as when a pencil sharpener is mounted in the basement! Unfortunately, it really wasn't much of a digger and this stop was pretty quick too. We did sign two old tupperware containers and an old gardening book so the trip was not a waste.

Our third stop was a garage sale that was described as having vintage things. Well, it did have a few and we would have been interested in a couple of things if everything was not so overpriced. It was a really quick stop that found us leaving empty-handed! 

Stop #4 was described as 65 years of accumulation and this sounded pretty good to us. As you can tell, Monica was pretty excited!

There really weren't a lot of rooms to search and there were plenty of things that were not our style, though this screen door was mighty cool! In the end, we found a pair of salt and pepper shakers, a vintage pin and some great old cookbooks. It was our best stop thus far. 

Stop # 5 was an outdoor moving sale with "50 years of accumulation". As we drove by, we could see that everything was packed in boxes on the porch and that there was no sale today. It rained in the early part of the morning and we guess that they changed their mind on having the sale. Oh to stop #6. 

Our sixth stop was a garage sale with "50 years of accumulation". There wasn't that much to see but we did find a record, some pamphlets and some old New York City subway coins. We were happy that we stopped by.

At this point, it was getting a little late and we decided to forgo our last two stops. We had a barbecue to attend but...

...we did have time to make a quick stop at a thrift shop down the block from the last sale. We have been here many times before but not recently. Monica is peaking out from the entranceway. There was nothing for us today but we still enjoyed the visit.

It was a modest day for finds but we did not go home without anything. Here is what we found today:

Books, booklets and cookbooks

Pamphlets from the 1960's. The ads for the restaurants were the best part. We both remember so many of them from our childhood. Monica's dad remembered them all!

A  record

Vintage Tupperware

A vintage pin for Monica

Old New York City subway coins. They date between 1953 and 1985

A pair of salt and pepper shakers (marked Japan) and an old squeak toy

A shopping bag from the 1970's. In New York, who could forget the commercials for dialing Santa! 

We scrambled when we got home to wash up, change and make our way to the barbecue. Our friends, Michael and Pam, were in for a limited time from Utah and Michael's brother was hosting a barbecue in their honor. We have known them both for thirty years! 

Of course, we both appreciated Michael's kind gesture of hunching over for the picture since no one else here is 6'7" tall! 

We spent Sunday doing our errands and chores so we could relax in time for the last episode of Mad Men. We decided to honor the last episode by trying to make a mid-century modern dessert. After searching through the cabinets for available ingredients, our final decision was so very easy. 

Orange jello plus fruit cocktail plus one vintage jello mold = one perfect mid-century modern dessert! 

Another week...another beautiful week spent together. Mad Man? Mad Woman? Simply madly in love with each other...always and forever. 


  1. ...AND the Best part of that MCM dessert ~ the starburst plate!! HAPPY Holiday Weekend to you both 8-)

    1. That's our favorite set! Have a great holiday weekend, svelteSTUFF! (Rob)