Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Some Intriguing Choices

Saturday was, once again, upon us and we had compiled our list of potential stops. For the first time in a long time, there were many sales that showed strong potential. We wouldn't be able to make all of them because of the distance between them and because we have been pretty busy later which we will explain at the end of this post. We tried to maximize the number of stops we would visit based upon proximity to each other and based upon where we wanted to be when the saling was over for the day. This meant we would have to give up visiting "1950's to 1970's house" and "Packed - Vintage". There were no pictures to support those claims and the first of those sales was on its second day. We still had some intriguing choices and, with a plan in mind, off we went! 

The scenery was beautiful as we made our way to the sales. The leaves have changed a little later than usual this year but they are in full swing now and provide for a beautiful backdrop on a beautiful autumn day.

We had a pretty good idea of how to get to the first sale but had plenty of tips along the if anyone needed this tip!

The first sales was described as "Christmas decoration headquarters" and that always gets our attention. We didn't particularly like the balloon Christmas decorations on the lawn (Rob hates them. He regrets not taking up archery when he sees them) but we were hoping for something better inside

It wasn't a big house and there were only two floors to search but it did have a bar downstairs and we often find cool things behind the bar....but not this time. Most of the decorations inside the house were newer but we did find two Halloween Pez dispensers, an old plastic snowman and some bamboo handled utensils. It was a good first stop.

After getting some breakfast, we moved towards our second planned stop which was described as a "packed hoarder's house". There were lots of pictures to support that claim and lots and lots of boxes in the pictures. Although we did not see anything we particularly liked, it intrigued us! We pulled up around 11am and the line outside the door was still 25 people deep. We knew we would not have time for this sale today. We moved on.

Sale #3 did not have a description at all but it was run by a tag sale company that we like a lot. They don't have too many sales but we always seem to find things of interest at their sales and most of their sales are diggers. There was not a lot to search and it was a fairly quick stop. They explained to us that, at the last minute, the owners decided to pull back numerous boxes from the sale. Despite this, we still found an old monkey pod, some salt and pepper shakers and a few Christmas things. The stop was worthwhile.

Our final sale of the day just simply read "full contents". It was in the area of the previous sale and Monica just had a feeling about this one. She was right. The house was a movable log cabin (which was also up for sale but not the property). There were items inside and outside to search.

Although there was only one floor to search inside the house, it had several rooms. There was a cellar to access from the outside but there was nothing of interest there.

This is a much better view of the outside. We found a yellow Princess phone and a pineapple tray outside and another phone, some Christmas decorations and a clown flower pot inside. 

Here are some of the things we got:

A pair of old telephones

A large pineapple tray, a set of bamboo handled spreaders and a monkey pod. The first two items are marked Japan. The monkey pod is marked Hawaii and has holes to place toothpicks.

Two Halloween Pez dispensers, a pair of salt and pepper shakers (marked Japan) and an Easter decoration.

Some Christmas things. A plastic snowman, a knee hugger Santa, a dream pet mouse, a Santa head ceramic mug, a little snowman head, Christmas tree salt and pepper shakers, some plastic elves and a ceramic candy dish. Everything but the plastic snowman, the plastic elves and the little snowman head are marked Japan.

A clown flowerpot (marked Japan)

We have been very busy lately and have been trying to keep things light as possible but Monica's mom has been very ill and she was moved into hospice last Friday. We visit her every day. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We love her so very much. Together, and with the love and support of Monica's loving family, we will gather strength from each other. 


  1. Thinking of you both ~ I can relate to the older parent saga, and it's NOT EASY on anyone!

    1. Thanks, svelteStuff. Monica's mom left us peacefully Thursday afternoon. Our hearts are heavy but our memories are full of the beautiful times.

  2. Will be thinking of Monica's mom. Never an easy situation.

    1. Thanks, Laurie! Monica's mom passed away peacefully Thursday afternoon. Our memories and our love will get us through this. (Rob)