Friday, July 4, 2014

An Early Start

Typically, we don't set an alarm to wake up at a certain time to get ready for saling. We just get up when we get up (usually between 7 and 8am) and slowly ease into the day. We have our coffee or tea, make our final list of stops, shower and set our course. While we didn't actually set an alarm, we were both up by 6 am. We knew we wanted to start early, not because there was an outstanding sale amongst our choices, but because it was the annual Children's Festival and Safety Day. Monica's sister always takes the kids there and we usually meet them. It runs from 1pm until 4pm and Monica's brother-in-law had to work this year so she would be alone so it was extra important to be there this year. We wanted to go to as many stops as possible in the morning and an early start was important. We had a fairly short list but enough to keep us busy and enough to make the early start important. With list in hand, off we went! 

Our first stop was a sale that described the items for sale as coming from "Grandma's attic". The sale we thought had the most potential was our second planned stop and it was in the same town as stop #1 but this one began an hour earlier. It was an easy decision to make this one our first destination. It was an outdoor sale with plenty of old dresses and plenty of kitchenware. Monica chose not to get any of the clothing but we did get some old dishes and a ceramic coconut mug. 

 Stop #2 was a sale run by one of our favorite tag sale companies and it was described as having "mid century treasures". It was the second day of the sale and we were not sure what we would find. In one of the pictures, there was a great room divider described as being "Mad Men" style. It was actually there when we arrived but it was just purchased! Oh don't always win. 

The house was filled with many signs of the past like this old television

There was some great starburst hardware on these cabinets behind the basement bar

More starburst hardware on some other cabinets in the basement. Alas, they were not for sale! 

This old refrigerator was also in the basement. It was in great shape! 

Although the house was filled with some great larger items, it did not have all that many smaller items (maybe there was more on Day One). We spent a majority of our time searching the garage which had thousands of records. By the time we left, we had lots of records and a pair of salt and pepper shakers to take home with us.

After getting some breakfast, we drove to stop #3. The description hinted of a 1960's home. We crossed our fingers. 

There were two floors to search and the basement had these great staircase shelves! It was the highlight of this stop. All we found here was one record.

The final stop on our list described the sale as having "80 years worth of stuff". That sounded pretty good. There were two floors to search and we tackled the basement first. Just like the second sale, it had over a thousand records so this floor took a lot of our time. 

The main floor took much less of our time. These poor ladies seem to be missing something. They must be from the Henry VIII collection. We did not get these but we did get lots of records, a record rack, a pair of Gurley Christmas candles, some vintage postcards and a few other things. 

Here are some of the things we brought home with us today:
Some records

More records

Some more records

Hawaiian records

Christmas records

Some more Christmas records

Some Man On The Moon records

A few more records

Some postcards from the 1940's or 1950's

Some dishes, a coconut bowl from Trader Vic's and a shotglass from Hawaii Kai

A McDonald's employee cap (1970's), some cocktail swizzle sticks and some old sewing needle kits

Some Christmas items

A record rack

It was time to go meet up with Monica's sister and the kids at the Children's Festival and Safety Day but not before stopping at home first to unload the car. It was extremely hot and we did not want our records and our Christmas candles to melt!

The Children's Festival and Safety Day! This police officer is telling the kids all about the helicopter. 

There were lots of fun things for the kids and our nieces and nephew (Shannon, Marissa and Peter) all enjoyed the slide!

There is also lots of free food there and we enjoyed the cotton candy!

It was a hot day but became a little cooler as the evening advanced and we took the opportunity to walk around our favorite lake

Swans, geese and ducks love to gather on the little island in the middle of the lake

The ducks and their family were having a good time

We were too. We love spending summer evenings walking around our lake! Summer has arrived

Our mannequin, Sharon, is ready! 


  1. Hello! I like your dishes and the record stand. Have a great weekend and Happy 4th

  2. I could not help but notice there were price tags on the headless ladies. How much were they asking for them? Who would buy broken ceramic statues?

    1. We're not really sure, Granny Annie. We saw the price tags but did not pay close enough attention. I have to imagine that they were not broken when the tags were placed. Their heads were lying behind their bodies (Rob)

    2. Wouldn't it be funny if there were separate prices on the heads too. lol