Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday The 14th

We are still behind on our adventures. This post is about the second weekend in June. We will catch up soon!

Saturday the 14th? Just the day following Friday the 13th and bad luck was not anywhere in sight. In fact, it was a three day weekend so, that in itself, was good luck! We are trying to use our vacation days to extend weekends this year and use the extra day just to spend a little more time together. Regardless of how many days the weekend is, we always start in with saling on Saturday and this weekend was no exception. Our list of potentials sales was pretty small but, where there are sales, there is hope for finding things and, with that hope in our hearts, off we went! 

Our first stop was the one we felt had the best potential. Although there were no specific pictures that told us that this would be good, there was enough in the description to tell us that this was an old house and that alone provided us with hope.

The first room we searched was the basement. There was the old pencil sharpener mounted to the wall! That is always a good sign! 

The basement was packed and we knew we would spend some time on this floor. There was an old cabinet in the basement that did not appeal to us at all but it did have a great counter top...boomerang! 

There were so many boxes to search through and we spent almost an hour in the basement alone! We had filled a bag by the time we made it to the main floor but we found little else above ground. Still, it was a good first stop and we found lots of old squeak toys, a pair of Boonton dishes, a few records, some books, some tiki and more! 

After stopping to have breakfast, we went to stop #2. It was over 30 minutes away and we hoped to find something good here. The ad described this as our kind of sale but we didn't have a great feeling about this one.

The house did have lots of old things including this old Cowboy and Indian Camp set which was going for way, way, WAY more than we were willing to pay. The few items that interested us fell into the same category. We found an old Christmas tree stand in its box for $2 and that was our sole purchase at this stop. We crossed our fingers for better luck at the next stop. We only had three stops on our list!

Stop #3 was just 5 minutes from the previous stop and the day was beautiful. Even if we didn't find anything here, we had plenty of reasons to smile.

The house had a great screen door and Monica knew the mailbox right away. It was the same mailbox her parents had when she was a kid! We spent about forty minutes here and, although the inside did not have a lot for us, the things we liked were very cheap. We walked out with a ceramic cat planter, a creepy Santa, some cocktail stirrers and some coasters.

Here are some of the things that were welcomed into our home this week:
One 12 inch record

Several 7 inch records. The sleeve on the bottom right is without its record but we often find records without their sleeves and we are hopeful to find this record one day!

Some Golden Nature books from the 1950's

Some books

Some coasters and cocktail swizzlers

A pair of wooden Tiki mugs and a wooden coco tray...all made in Hawaii

A pair of old Wonder Bread bags. Our parents used to always get Wonder Bread for us when we were kids. We suspect that these bags were from the 1960's since there is no zip code on the manufacturer's address.

A Porky Pig plastic cup with a damaged eye (we will restore him), a pair of yellow Boonton dishes, some Thermos covers in their package, a pair of salt and pepper shakers, a McCoy flower pot and a ceramic cat planter (marked Japan)

Some old squeak toys

Some old Christmas squeak toys

A Christmas tree stand from the 1950's still in its box, a creepy Santa (marked Japan) and some "Seasons Greetings" stamps from "your carrier"

We also found this picture at the first sale and had to laugh. This cake was made with the same lamb cake mold that we used at Easter to make a lamb and a bunny cake (with somewhat disastrous results...see The Easter Bunny and The Silence Of The Lamb). Our plan was to make another dessert on Sunday for Father's Day. Was this a sign? Would we be successful or was this picture there to taunt us, reminding us of our last baking experience? Was the bad luck of Friday the 13th delayed until Sunday, the 15th this year? 

No! It came out just as we had planned! We made "I Am Your Father" Father's Day brownies from a cake mold that we found at a thrift shop last June. It came out perfect and it was met with much acclaim at Monica's sister's house on Sunday as we celebrated Father's Day with Monica's father! We have come to realize that we are adequate bakers but very inexperienced frosters! We will have to work on that! 

Monday was a day off and we decided to take a small road trip but...more on that next time!


  1. What about the small secretary desk behind Monica in the house basement? Wow, would I love to have that. The brownies had to be a hit. You guys are so clever.

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie! That desk is a beauty but we have no room for it. The brownies worked out quite well. We knew we were using this for Father's Day ten seconds after seeing this mold in the thrift shop a year ago. We knew exactly what it would be called too! (Rob)

  2. I bought a salt shaker like yours this weekend. I already had the salt and pepper shaker, but i couldn't leave it behind. The cat planter is cute

    1. It's tough to leave them behind, aren't they. Liz? Monica loved that planter. (Rob)