Monday, May 19, 2014

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

We're a week behind on our blogging. We'll catch up! First, last weekend...

Another week, another Saturday!!!! The work week moves along so slowly in the beginning but accelerates quickly towards the end until we reach what we have been looking for since Monday...the weekend! The weather was supposed to be beautiful. It was, after all, May and here on the east coast, we really deserve some nice weather because of the snowy, cold winter we had to endure and the long delay until we had any weather that even remotely resembled Spring! 

There were not a lot of sales out there but there were a few that had some real potential. 

The one that advertised this picture was not one of them. In fact, we were pretty sure that we did not want to be anywhere near this sale! Based on potential and on distance, we chose three for this week and off we went!

The first sale was a great disappointment. It was located only ten minutes from our house and was not being run by a tag sale company which meant we would probably not be forced to wait on a long line if we got there early. We arrived three minutes after the sale began and were greeted by a few people waiting outside the house to get in. Twenty minutes later, those same few people were STILL waiting ahead of us and the line began to grow behind us. The sale never happened. We saw three advertisements for this sale on Thursday but only one remained by Friday night. As it turned out, the sale had to be postponed and they forgot to remove one of the ads. Oh we went to the second stop on our list.

This sale was run by a big tag sale company that we saw last week (our only sale last week). This stop was 40 minutes from our house. Monica felt this would be a great stop when we were compiling our list. She was right!

The house had so many good rooms to search. Look at the shelf lining in the kitchen cabinets! 

And in the basement (the best room in this house), there was a pencil sharpener mounted to the wall. Always a good sign. We spent over an hour in this house and found so many great things to bring home with us. It was a great stop! 

After stopping for breakfast, we arrived at our third stop. Rob felt this would be a great stop when we were compiling our list. He was right! There was no basement. The upstairs rooms had nothing of interest at all. The living room was pretty boring...but there were these too tiny rooms and the garage that were packed with boxes to dig through...and we did. We found lots of holiday items and more. The last room we checked was the dining room and we managed to find a few more things there. Three stops on the day and two of them were great! 

Here are some of the things we brought back to our house:

Some Christmas records

Some more records

Some cookbooks

Some more cookbooks

Some other books, an old map of New York City and a map holder from Esso Gas

Cocktail stirrers

A jewelry box for Monica (which she filled even before this picture was taken!)

A barbecue apron and a vintage kitchen towel

Wooden bowling balls and bowling pins that Monica plans to use to make a necklace

A General Electric can opener with manual. From 1963. We checked to make sure it worked before buying it

Some Easter honeycomb and cardboard decorations

More Easter stuff

And more Easter stuff!

Some Christmas decorations. The snowman and the two Santas on the left have wheels. The Santa with the green base is a plastic push button puppet. 

Some more Christmas decorations

More Christmas decorations. The Santa mugs in the back are Holt Howard from 1960. All others (except the sputnik ornament) are marked Japan.

And more Christmas decorations. The Santa on the front left is a plug-in night light marked Japan. The two Santa Pez dispensers are "no leg" Pezs

Some Halloween decorations. That mask on the left is Fonzie!

A vintage fruit holder, a vintage Dixie dispenser with Dixie cups in its original wrapping and Mr. Peanut snack dishes

Pogo plastic figurines (we have two Pogo Possums but are missing the owl and the dog. They were laundry detergent giveaways in 1969), a Tennesses Tuxedo "soaky" bubble bath holder (mid-1960's), a big eyed doll, some squeak toys and two Pillsbury Doughboys.

A vintage glass jar and drinking glasses, a Welch's Howdy Doody glass from 1953 and some salt and pepper shakers.

Some birthday candy baskets and candle holders and a Don Ho 8-track

It was a great day of saling and the weather was perfect as promised. After dinner, we even had a chance to visit our favorite lake for the first time this year.

We had some bread for the ducks, geese and swans but only the geese and swans came to the shore. The ducks were across the way on the little island in the middle of the lake.

Although they were happy to see us, the swans left us shortly after our food ran out

That's was a perfect weekend and there are always lots of reasons to smile


  1. OMG. Such great stuff and plentiful! I love the Easter decorations, and the Hawaii album.

    1. Thanks, Reduce, Reuse and Rummage! We were pretty lucky! (Rob)

  2. Looks like a perfect weekend! Wow, did you guys score on the holiday stuff. Tons of Easter which I always just seem to find a piece here and there. High five!

    1. Thanks, Laurie! Easter finds are pretty rare for us, too, but we were lucky that day! (Rob)

  3. I put these words in your search: "a pencil sharpener mounted to the wall. Always a good sign." and they only appeared 7 times. I thought it would be a whole lot more than that but 7 posts might have only counted the 22 for 2014 and not any of the 83 for 2013. I love it when you say that. Loved the jewelry box most of all because it looked like my grandmother's.

    1. Ha ha, Granny Annie! Perhaps we phrased it slightly differently at times and it did not pick all of those references in your search. I think that for the same reason that the jewelry box means so much to you, the pencil sharpeners have significance for us. We remember them in our grandparents' homes (as well as ours growing up) and there is that tie-in to times gone by. By the way, Monica loves that jewelry box too. She could not wait to fill it up...and she did! (Rob)

  4. Were those 'Sweater Clips' I spotted in the top of that jewelry box??? ...soo jealous ;-) GREAT FINDS ((as always))!

  5. Thanks, svelteSTUFF! They are! Monica has several of them. In fact, she picked up some more at a sale on Cinco de Mayo weekend. It was a fill-a-basket price and things like cosmetic jewelry and sweater clips filled in those gaps in the basket quite nicely! I was gently reminded (on more than one occasion) to make sure that nothing slipped out of the basket on the way to the cashier (Rob)

  6. IF Monica EVER gets doubles of any sweater clips / guards and wants to do a trade - keep me in mind ;-)
    I have rather an obsession with them ((wink, wink)) and now I have started picking up the plain ones that I KNOW I already have if the are CHEAP (<$!) and reconstruct them into a seaglass jewelry line that I am doing ~ but mostly they join my VAST 500+ collection (Noooooooooooooo I do.not.have.a.problem!!)
    Make sure you start showing us Pictures of the sweater clips!!!

    1. I only have a few of them but I will trade any doubles if I ever get any! :) (Monica)