Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monica's Birthday Weekend And Some Saling Too!

Thursday was Monica's birthday and the celebration began a little early. We had pizza at Monica's sister's house the night before and...

...of course there was a birthday cake! It's hard to sing "Happy Birthday" without a cake! 

Monica's first birthday cake this year. It was a carrot cake!

Thursday arrived and so did Monica's birthday! We both had to work that day but, when Monica arrived home, there were some changes inside the house!


A honeycomb party ball and some streamers

More balloons

The kitchen was decorated appropriately

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful birthday girl!

Rob wasn't the only inhabitant of our house to wish Monica a Happy Birthday!!!!

Everyone was happy! 

We decided to save the birthday dinner for Saturday night since we both had to work on Friday so we just picked up so take-out Chinese food on Monica's birthday

Of course, Monica did have a second birthday cake...

...and Monica got to blow out a candle again!  

On Saturday, we turned our attention to saling once again. For the day before Easter, the pickings were not as slim as we thought they would be. There were no standouts but we made a list of six stops; three of which were definites on our list and three were extras in case we had some time. We had plans for dinner so we did not want to be out all day.

Stop #1 was in the next town from our house and the decision to stop there first was easy. Some of the items were displayed outside, something we expect to see more of now that the weather is getting nicer. It was an estate sale run by the family of the deceased and the words "Vintage Christmas" appeared in the ad. That got our attention! Well, as it turned out, there was not much vintage Christmas there (we did get one small blow mold Santa) but we did get a Banana Splits plastic cup, a ceramic dog and some great vintage cards. 

Our second stop was 25 minutes away and we stopped to sit down and have some breakfast first. We didn't want to eat too late because we wanted to have a good appetite for Monica's birthday dinner that night.

 On the way to stop #2, we saw this sign on the wall of a building. Doodyman! Funny! 

This was house #2. The tag sale company running this sale told us about it last week and told us that there were some vintage Christmas items here and there were...but not too many. Still, we found a few nice Christmas items and a Pyrex dish.

It was time to move onto stop #3. It was only a few moments away and we stopped just long enough to admire the drunk guy on the front lawn.

Stop #3 was in front of us and Monica was happy (and why was her birthday weekend)! The ad for this house boasted of "50's mid-century bedroom sets" and "a bar with stools". Hmmmm...a quick tour of the house told us that they may have exaggerated a bit. We did not find much to our liking and came home with just one record. We decided to skip the three potential stops we also had on our list in order to save enough time for the evening birthday dinner. Well, we did stop at one garage sale that was around the corner from the last stop and we did find a few records there. 'Tis the season to chase garage sale signs! 

Here are some of the things we brought home with us:
Some records

Some vintage greeting cards. We took home between 75-100 of them on Saturday

Some more vintage greeting cards. They are small and the ones that are dated are from the 1940's and 1950's

A small Santa blow mold, a honeycomb Christmas bell (marked Japan) and a Santa planter (also marked Japan)

A cardboard wreath backer and a felt Christmas decoration marked Japan

A ceramic dog, a Pyrex bowl (perfect for making brownies) and a plastic Banana Splits mug dated 1969

After a brief nap, it was time to get ready for Monica's birthday dinner. King Yum is located about 45 minutes from our house and it is one of our favorite places to eat.  It has been around since 1953 and it is very much unspoiled inside. Great food AND great atmosphere!

Monica wore her leopard coat for the occasion! 

We were ready to eat! 

This is a waterfall just inside the restaurant and is guarded by the Tiki Gods! People throw coins in there for good luck! 

An exotic drink for each of us! Actually, we share both of them!

Monica forgot to bring her birthday crown but she did manage to wear one of the drink umbrellas!

Just like one of our drinks, Rob's "Hawaii Chicken" was delivered still aflame!

This Tiki God watched over our table

He did a good job and Rob thanked him! The Tiki God smiled!

There were lots of Tiki Gods in the house...and Tiki lights! 

Great food makes for empty plates by the end of the evening! 

They surprised Monica with ice cream and cookies and the ice cream had a candle in it. It wasn't cake but it was a third birthday dessert for Monica! It was a great night out together and a fun celebration of Monica's birthday! Lots of smiles for us...and the ducks...and the Tiki Gods. 

Well, this was the 100th post on Our Adventures Amongst The Ducks. We talked about doing a blog together for a long time and finally started it in January, 2013. We like doing this blog so much that we signed up to do another 100 posts. Thank you to anyone who has ever read this blog and we hope that, at some point, we added a smile to your day! 

The weekend would finish with Easter but that will be post #101


  1. Happy belated birthday Monica! Congratulations on you 100th post too!

    1. Thank you for the birthday wished and the congrats on the 100th post ~~~~~~ (Monica)

  2. Sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday Monica!

    I am glad you had a great time celebrating!!