Monday, May 11, 2020

Flashback - The Last Half Of February, 2020

We're now into the second week of May and we don't have any new saling stories to tell. With the coronavirus still running rampant, estate sales are still a distant dream. We've been catching up on the six month period during which our blog was on hiatus and this post will bring us up to date. This post covers the last half of February, 2020.

That second weekend began with Valentine's Day and roses were there for Monica

Monica left a message in rose petals for Rob

We made a heart-shaped pizza for dinner. We would go out for Valentine's dinner the following weekend when the restaurants were not as crowded. 

The next day was Saturday and that meant estate sales. There were only two on our list and we both had different preferences. Both started around the same time. We decided to do something a little different. Rob went to the one that started thirty  minutes earlier but was a little further away. His plan was to get there early, get what he wanted and then meet Monica at the second sale where she would get a head start. 

Rob got to his sale about 45 minutes before the start and he was the first one there. It was run by a tag sale company that we really like but this was a modest one for them. Most of the things in the pictures for the ad were not of interest to us but there were a few good Christmas things and that was the attraction.

Some of the Christmas things were upstairs and some were on this table. Most of them turned out to be new but there were a few older pieces and Rob got everything he wanted in twenty minutes. He then made his way to Monica's sale which she was about to enter.

Monica's sale was also run by a tag sale company but this company does not run sales as often. We have found some good things at their sales in the past and Monica had one main target at this one. 

That vintage three-tiered wooden monkey pod in the back right was what Monica wanted but the price was too high and Monica decided against getting it though Rob, upon his arrival, tried to talk her into letting him get it.

The house did have a pink bathroom and a few other cool things but nothing that we were interested in except a few pins which we brought home.

This was the end of our saling experiences for this weekend as the sales on Sunday were not all that intriguing. We did find a few things and here is what they were:

Some vintage pins for Monica

Some Christmas things

When the last weekend of February arrived, we decided to go out to dinner. Monica has had her eye on a Polish restaurant nearby. Every review raves about their Hungarian potato pancakes so we knew we would get them plus pierogies, of course, since it is a Polish restaurant! We would order both and split them so we could each enjoy both dishes! 

The restaurant had an Eastern European feel

Rob got a very delicious Polish ale

The Hungarian potato pancakes

The pierogies! We really enjoyed the food and we will definitely be back! 

The weekend didn't have much for us in terms of sales. On Saturday, we went to a second day sale where all items were free. Day one was Friday and there were some cool vintage Easter and Halloween things as well as some vintage salt and pepper shakers. Those were no longer here but we did find a couple of things to bring home and, since they were free, the price was right! 

On Sunday, there was one private sale in our town. There was very little of interest and what was there was overpriced. We left empty-handed.

Our big haul for the entire weekend consisted of these items but they didn't cost us a penny:

A wrestling encyclopedia

A plastic well dressed baby, a Dream Pet Christmas mouse and a squeak toy

We spent Sunday at home which, in a few weeks, would become standard operating procedure. This post concludes our effort to catch up on our activities during the six month period during which our blog was at rest. We had a longer period of inactivity back in 2018 and early 2019. We will begin to catch up on those weeks starting in a few days in a series of posts we will call "Deep Flashbacks". See you soon!  

Monday, April 27, 2020

Flashback - The First Two Weekends of February, 2020

There's nothing all that new in Social Distancing Land. The pandemic seems to have reached its peak here and the curve is trending downwards but we remain a long way away from life as it was once. As we await the opportunity to go to estate sales again, we are catching up on the period of time when our blog was on hiatus for six months. This post covers the first two weekends of February, 2020. 

The first Saturday of February found us with two sales on our list. Neither seemed amazing but both had potential. The first sale was only fifteen minutes from home was run by an estate sale company we know but whose sales have mainly been on Fridays so we rarely see them anymore. There were certainly some old things in the pictures and we were hopeful of finding something. We got there as they opened and found that there were not many people here.

It was time to see what was inside. 

When we walked inside, there was a Native American welcoming committee. 

There were a couple of Napco lady head vases there. They weren't all that cheap so Monica just chose one to take home. 

There were lots of things inside this old china cabinet but the best thing of all about the china cabinet was...

...the starbust hardware.

The dining room table and chairs were very 60's mod.

The basement had homemade cabinets with drawers that had crazy angles! 

This side of the basement was amazing! Knotty wood pine and great staircase shelves! 

This basement must have had some great parties back in the day! 

The basement bar was great! 

The TV set in the wall was so cool! 

Whereas this picture on the wall was so scary! 

One bathroom was pink and pretty much as it was when it the house was built in the 1950's. 

One side of the upstairs was converted into an apartment.

That apartment had an old yellow sink with a metallic backsplash which led us to believe that the apartment had been here for a long time. 

Check out the starburst pattern on that backsplash! 

Another view of those starburst patterns.

The other bathroom was vintage blue with some pink involved. Look at that great tile floor! 

A view of the kitchen with real wood cabinets, an old stove and a multi-colored backsplash. 

A closer view of the wooden cabinets, the stove and the backsplash. 

That backsplash deserves a closer look! 

This house was a lot of fun and, although we didn't get much here, we enjoyed this house a lot. We did leave with a that ceramic lady head vase, some chalkware fish, a pair of great Christmas glasses and some records. 

Our second sale was not so much a sale as it was a return visit to a house we visited the prior week. This time, they were giving everything away. We found a pair of paperback books, some new solar power dancing figures for our cars and the vintage pole lamp that we saw the week before.

We had lots of time to look at what we found when we got home and this is what we saw:

Some records

Some paperback books

Some solar powered dancing figures

A Napco lady head vase

A vintage pole lamp. We disassembled it for the drive home

Chalkware fish

Vintage Christmas glasses

The second weekend of February gave us two more sales of interest. The first was being run by one of our favorite tag sales companies and we make almost all of their sales. 

It wasn't hard to find the sale because it was in Monica's hometown. We got here nice and early so we could get in quickly.

So did 19 other people. They let us inside within a few minutes of the open anyway. 

We checked the basement first which had boxes of holiday items. Unfortunately, they were all new things. 

The main level was not modern by any stretch of the imagination but there was not much here for us. 

The bookcase was filled with books and knickknacks. We didn't select any books but we did find a pair of old elves there.

Our hosts were happy to see us! 

The upstairs had rooms with drawers and boxes to search. We found a lot of cool old postcards and some came home with us as did some cool old towels. The lampshade on the desk was great but we weren't fond of the lamp itself so it did not come home with us. 

He didn't come home with us and he didn't look too happy about that! 

Our second sale didn't look like much but it was in our town so it was worth a look. 

The house did have an old basement bar.

It wasn't that there wasn't anything there. It's just that there was nothing for us...except some records which we found upstairs and brought home. 

When our saling was over, we had a chance to look at the few things we did find and here they are:

Some records

Some Christmas records


A necklace for Monica

Some old postcards

Some vintage naughty kitchen towels.

We had Sunday to relax and stay at home to catch up on chores, a practice that we didn't realize would become an every day way of life just a month later. We'll get past this as will all of you. We just have to exercise some restraint and patience a little while longer until life returns to normal. If we are going to be stuck inside, at least we are doing so with the person we love so very much!

We will catch up with you some more very soon!